Abz Love claims he nearly had a romance with Beyonce.

Abz Love

Abz Love

The 41-year-old singer sparked a connection with the ‘Crazy in Love’ hitmaker when his former band 5ive supported her on tour, but their brief flirtation was dashed when her now-husband Jay-Z showed up.

He said: “One of my favourites was Beyonce. I supported her on tour. Every night I was backstage with her hanging out.

"I remember sitting down with her and she was like, 'You smell good' and I was like, 'You smell good too!' "And a little light just went off in my head, like, hey is this the beginning of something?

"Then Jay-Z walked in and I left. "I was like, 'This ain't going nowhere.' "

And the Boyz on the Block star claimed he was also pursued by the daughter of the Sultan of Brunei.

He said: "I'm this boy from Hackney who's been around the world. I met the Sultan of Brunei's daughter, who was hot on me for a little bit, but I was like, 'Nah, I'm not really feeling it.'

"I could have been Prince Abz!

"And then I've been broke and I've met the devil and I've been at the lowest of the low."

Abz finds dating in the age of social media very frustrating, but he wants to be more impulsive in the future in the hope of finding someone to setlle down with.

He told new! magazine: “Women are driving me mad. How is it that everyone has managed to find a woman, they've got kids and a mortgage, the white picket fence and a dog in the garden.

"I'm like, 'How do you do it man?' In this day and age as well. That's why I like that 1960s s*** - you find each other, form a bond, fall in love and you're together.

"Nowadays, it's like, 'You didn't like my Instagram post, I'm dumping you.' What? What the f*** happened there?

“I’m an eccentric soul, no doubt but maybe that's the problem. I'm writing music at crazy times, I don't come to bed at the same time you do, if anything I'd lie my own room. I'm weird like that.

"Maybe the next girl who comes along, I'll just kiss her - f*** Covid - fall in love. See what happens, have a f****** kid, just do it.

"I'm always like, I've got to find the right one, I've got to be ready. Maybe it ain't about that."

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