Abigail Breslin has asked fans to pray for her dad after he was taken into hospital with coronavirus.

Abigail Breslin's Instagram post

Abigail Breslin's Instagram post

The 24-year-old actress has revealed that her dad Michael has been hospitalised with the illness, and Abigail is urging her social media followers to show their support for him.

In a statement on her Instagram account, Abigail said: "Hi guys. Unfortunately, this post isn’t one I ever thought I would have to make. I’m asking for prayers and positivity sent this way for my daddy, Michael who tested positive for COVID-19 this morning and had to be placed on a ventilator. We are continuing to stay positive and know he’s under great care. I’m extremely thankful for the nurses and doctors who are working hard to make sure he fights this virus. (sic)"

Abigail is determined to remain positive about the situation and she urged her followers to continue to follow coronavirus guidelines.

The 'Little Miss Sunshine' star said on the photo-sharing platform: "I have faith that things will turn around at any moment, but in the meantime, please continue to wear your masks and follow COVID protocol.

"Thank you (sic)"

Abigail shot to fame as a child, and she previously admitted that her family has played a crucial role in keeping her feet on the ground.

The actress also revealed she was encouraged to talk about "normal things" at home, rather than her burgeoning career.

She explained: "My family has been really important in keeping me normal.

"[Growing up] when I wrapped on set and [would] go home it was always a set-free zone. We couldn’t talk about work, we just talked about real normal life things. I think that helped a lot at keeping me from being weird. I mean I am, but they tried!"

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