LEIGH'S HIGH SEX-DRIVE BROKE OLIVIER MARRIAGELate screen siren VIVIEN LEIGH and her former husband SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER separated because the actress' sexual demands emotionally and physically drained the WUTHERING HEIGHTS star - according to the pair's previously unpublished letters.Author TERRY COLEMAN is publishing a revealing collection of letters in an authorised biography on Olivier, which will hit stores next September (06).And the couple's hand-written correspondence describes Olivier's reluctance to give into Leigh and make love to her three times a day.The letters also chart the collapse of their 20-year marriage in 1948, following the sexually-frustrated beauty's subsequent affair with actor PETER FINCH, during theatre company the Old Vic's tour of Australia.In one letter, Olivier complains, "With Vivien it's every day, two or three times. She's wearing me out."A friend of Olivier, DEREK GRANGER adds, "Larry was exhausted by Vivien."

Author GARRY O'CONNOR, whose book DARLINGS OF THE GOD looked at the Old Vic tour, concludes, "Olivier was almost happy to palm Vivien off to Finch."

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