Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal has requested a presidential pardon for the film producer convicted of conspiracy to extort money from him.

The action star wrote to the office of the pardon attorney at the United States Department of Justice to confirm his support for an eventual pardon for his former business partner Julius Nasso.

He wrote: "I have no objections to and would support the application (when it is timely) of Julius R. Nasso for a Presidential pardon."

The producer was sentenced to a year in federal prison in 2003 after his decade-long partnership with Seagal was severed.

The 'Born to Raise Hell' star ended their relationship when his spiritual guru advised him to stop making violent films.

However, Julius had already lined up four projects for the actor.

Gambino crime family boss Anthony "Sonny" Ciccone and other associates were used in an attempt to persuade Seagal to do the films.

The actor then went to the FBI saying Nasso was trying to blackmail him, while the producer claimed he was owed $60 million for Seagal pulling out of the projects.

Nasso was convicted, although there was no proof he was a member of the crime family.

After being released two months early on good behaviour in 2005, he began producing movies again.

With a plan to dissolve the pair's companies in 2007, Seagal began to support Nasso in his request for an official pardon.

Robert Hantman, the producer's lawyer, said: "Julius is now looking forward to hopefully getting a pardon.

"Seagal supporting him for a pardon is apropos of two close friends who had a falling out."

Seagal's representative did not comment.

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