Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is too busy touring to watch his children graduate.The 'Young Lust' singer, who has four children including 18-year-old daughter Chelsea and 16-year-old son Taj, spends all his time on the road away from his teenage kids.Steven told Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper: "Because we're on the road so much, there's no time to go to the dentist, the doctor, go on vacation."My daughter Chelsea is graduating from high school, and I'm gonna be in f***ing Dubai! "I had to tell her, 'Aw, baby, I tried to move it, but it's moving a whole tour!' Sixty million f***ing dollars' worth of argh!"The 59-year-old's bandmate Joe Perry claims Steven loves his job and wouldn't change things even if he could.Joe said: "Steven lives and breathes Aerosmith. For me, sometimes, it's just a way to make a living."

Steven divorced his second wife - Chelsea and Taj's mother - Teresa Barrick, last January.

He is also father to 29-year-old actress Liv Tyler and 28-year-old plus-size model Mia.