Sean Stewart's mother reportedly had a verbal "catfight" with his ex-girlfriend's mom at a funeral.Alana Stewart - who is divorced from 27-year-old Sean's rock star father Rod - clashed with Caleigh Peters' parent Christine as they were paying their respects to a mutual friend.Alana and Christine have been feuding since Christine and her ex-husband Jon Peters accused Sean of stealing Jon's car after he was dumped by 19-year-old Caleigh - claims Sean denies.When Alana saw Christine at a wake over the weekend, they didn't hold back on voicing their opinions.A source said: "Alana was walking into the room when she was stopped by Christine."Christine said something about the situation and Alana said, 'We can resolve this nicely. I am forgiving, but you need to stop going around town calling my son trash.'"Christine then shot back, 'You need to tell him to get out of my daughter's life', which prompted Alana to say, 'Maybe you should tell your daughter that. She's 19. Stop trying to control her, let her sort it out.'

"It turned into a bit of a catfight."

Following the incident, Alana said: "I was appalled at her behaviour. It was not the time or place for this conversation."

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