Rod Stewart's son Sean is being investigated for assault with a deadly weapon.The 'Sons of Hollywood' star was involved in a "serious altercation" in the early hours of Sunday morning (22.04.07), after he was turned away from a Hollywood party and reportedly began attacking a couple in a car, reports the New York Post newspaper.Sean, 25, and two friends arrived at a Hollywood home on Saturday night where a party was already in full swing.He reportedly became upset when he was told he wasn't welcome, and was further angered when guests leaving the party began to tease him.At approximately 4am, Sean and his friends allegedly began throwing bricks, rocks, a mail box and a trash can at a Ford F150.Witnesses claim the rock star's son then tried to open the truck door, before he and his friends began punching a married couple inside the vehicle.The injured man claimed his wife suffered "massive lacerations to her legs" from broken windscreen glass.

He took her to Ceders Sinai hospital after the attack, where she was treated for her injuries.

The Los Angeles Police Department have confirmed detectives are investigating the incident.

Earlier on Saturday evening, Sean was photographed entering West Hollywood's Koi restaurant.

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