Action man MR. T is set to become a comic book hero. The mohawked former A-Team star will feature in his own graphic novel series.The iconic actor, who also appeared in Rocky III, has been animated by British publisher Mohawk Media and demand for the new comics is so great a special Limited Advance Edition run of just 4,000 is to be released early. Mr. T - real name Lawrence Trudeau - says, "It's great to be the star of a graphic novel... I'm so proud of all my life's work, but to see myself in this book feels extra special."Mr. T, who is the executive editor of the project, adds, "I've always strived to be a good role model to children and adults alike. I can't think of a better way to do that than by encouraging people to read."Mr. T: Limited Advance Edition can be ordered direct from publisher Mohawk Media; the graphic novels will be available in bookstores worldwide in April (08).