Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler is "still trying to figure love out".

The 34-year-old actress - who has been dating photographer Theo Wenner for the past six months - explained she is constantly attempting to find out what the meaning of "life and love" are.

She said: "Am I happy in love? I'm still trying to figure love out. I'm honestly still trying to figure it all out. Life and love and my ideas of love. And what love really is. And how it works and what it all means."

The brunette beauty - who has a seven-year-old son, Milo, with ex-husband Royston Langdon - admitted she has been using her own experiences of love as a child in an attempt to understand who she is as a person.

Liv added in an interview with Marie Claire magazine: "I'm actually really trying to apply myself to understanding who I am, how I work, what I've done in the past, and my childhood, and how I am at raising a child.

"What I saw as a child in love, the examples I saw and how that affects who I am today in love. All of those questions."