Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia

'Lost' star Jorge Garcia thinks it would be ironic if he died in a plane crash.

The 36-year-actor believes it would be a "curious" way for him to die because the character he plays in the show, Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes, ended up stranded on a desert island following an airline disaster.

But I decided a long time ago never to think about that and have fun with the part

He said: "I am a very calm passenger, even while there is air turbulence. And I think, 'It would be a curious irony if I would die like that.' "

Since the first series of the show - which sees a group of strangers try and survive on a mysterious island - the programme has become stranger and stranger.

Jorge admits the storyline is so complex, even the cast members don't know what's going to happen and they are always trying to guess the forthcoming storylines.

Jorge explained to website Planet Interview: "One question we are always asked is, 'Do you really not know how the show ends?' We don't. We often play a quiz about what really happens on the island while shooting the first season. Now we wait for the actual script.

"But I decided a long time ago never to think about that and have fun with the part and have on set as long as I can. Surprisingly I can play a part without knowing what's going to happen very well."

Jorge isn't the only 'Lost' cast member to be confused by the programme.

Evangeline Lilly - who plays fugitive Kate Austen in the long-running US drama - is clueless about the fate of the characters.

Earlier this week, she said: "I honestly have no idea what happens. They don't tell us anything. I probably won't know until I sit down and watch it with everyone else."