The 'Celebrity Big Brother' star claims she doesn't care what she looks like when she takes her four dogs - Friday, Rachael, Hannah and Bargi - for walkies in Santa Monica.She confessed: "As soon as I get up I take the dogs out. They drag my ass around the block, but I say to myself, 'You need this exercise as much as they do.'"Sometimes I'm still in my pyjamas, but what do I care? I just grab my slippers, a hat and some sunglasses." Although she doesn't dress for the occasion, Jackie - who is Sylvester Stallone's mother - claims dog-walking is a great way of meeting men. The 82-year-old psychic, who is married to neurosurgeon Dr Steven Levin, revealed to Britain's Sunday Times magazine: "Husbands are always walking their dogs at that time so it's a good way to meet them - the dogs do all the introductions."

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