Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley's son has been given a part in Australian soap 'Neighbours'.

The actress-and-model - who is engaged to former Australian cricketer Shane Warne - took 10-year-old Damian to the set of the Melbourne-based soap and producers decided to let him off a walk-on role.

She tweeted: "My son totally overexcited as he's visiting the Neighbours set today."

Two hours later, she added: "My son in heaven - he got to be an extra in Neighbours today."

This is not the first time Damian - whose father is movie producer Steve Bing - has shown an interest in acting.

Last year, the youngster joined his 47-year-old mother on the set of 'Gossip Girl' in New York and helped her get ready for her part.

She said: "My son Damian spent a month or so with me in New York over the summer while I was filming 'Gossip Girl' and he loved it. He made his own short movie and ran through my lines with me every night.

"He thought it was the most exciting thing that ever happened. He got to be in my trailer and hand out on a film set, which is what he has longed for his entire life."