Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid's four-year-old daughter gives him fashion advice.

The 'Vegas' actor revealed Zoe - his child with wife Kimberly - has been obsessed with clothes since she was a baby and often tells him what he can and cannot wear.

He told Us Weekly: "[Zoe] is a really smart girl and she is a very girly girl! She was into fashion when she was three months old! She would look at my hat and go, 'no!'"

Meanwhile, Zoe's twin brother Thomas is "very gregarious" and both kids are keeping the actor on his toes.

He added: "They're very different! [Thomas is] always running for mayor because he's just a very happy kid and very trusting of everybody, very gregarious!

"They're entering into what I call the 'age of reason.' Out of their twos and threes, where you cannot reason with them, and now that they're in preschool they're like real big kids."

While the twins are becoming grown up, Dennis admitted they haven't quite grasped what he does for a living.

The star - who also has 19-year-old son Jack with former wife Meg Ryan - explained: "Right now they think that my job is to be on the side of billboards on the side of the bus!"