Daniel Bedingfield says he can tell if girls are gold-diggers by the way they kiss. The pop heartthrob - who survived a near-fatal car crash in New Zealand earlier this year - says he uses the method to work out if women are just dating him because he's famous. He said: "I can tell a genuine woman by her kiss - or so I tell the girls I date. I have a pretty good radar for women who are just after fame or money." Meanwhile, the handsome star says he has to fight off men trying to date his younger sister, Natasha. The 24-year-old singer admitted he's become increasingly protective of the pop babe since she launched her music career and stops unsuitable men from approaching his stunning sister. He told Britain's More magazine: "I have to protect her from half of England now - when I get to see her. I'm an impenetrable barrier against blokes I don't approve of, but she doesn't normally like those anyway. She's got a good head on her shoulders."

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