Bruce Willis is filming 'Die Hard 5'

Bruce Willis is filming 'Die Hard 5'

Bruce Willis rushed to the set of his new movie when he heard a five-storey building used to shoot 'Die Hard 5' in Budapest, accidentally burst into flames.

The incident took place on Thursday (05.07.12) as Bruce reprises his famous John McClane character, reports website RadarOnline.

Bruce was apparently taking the afternoon off at hotel but received a phone call because the building where they planned to shoot for the next five days, was burning.

Sources explained that the property was constructed out of wood especially for the shoot, and a fire was supposed to break out in the lobby just as a helicopter was about to land.

Bruce's stunt double was working and when the helicopter attempted to land, blades estimated to be about 200 ft. in circumference, fanned the fire and caused flames to spread.

The stunt double narrowly escaped injury and fire brigades from the surrounding areas appeared on the scene to try to contain the blaze.

The actor arrived just moments after the blaze started and attempted to help salvage equipment and cameras that were in danger of being destroyed.

His daughter Rumer was recently sent into a panic after her dog, Indy Blue, went missing.

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