50 Cent says the secret to throwing social media shade is focus on "the flaws" of the target.

50 Cent

50 Cent

The 'Candy Shop' rapper doesn't hold back on Instagram - he once bought 200 front row tickets for rival Ja Rule's show and posted an edited image of him 'sat' in the middle of the empty seats - and he has opened up on the best way to get a rise out of someone online.

Asked for tips, he told Extra: "It's usually, whatever, they kinda give you a lead, whatever they're upset about. You look at them and you kinda just look for the flaws of the person."

One person who probably won't be getting shade from Fiddy online is Dua Lipa, after the 24-year-old star recently revealed she was a "massive" fan of his as a teenager.

The 'One Kiss' hitmaker has admitted to being obsessed with hip hop music when she was growing up in Kosovo, and that the New York-born rapper was one of her heroes when she was younger.

She said: "My first ever show I went to was Method Man and Redman. I was 13. Well, we were ... basically, in Kosovo, people only really listen to hip-hop.

"Going to the Method Man-Redman show was kind of my first introduction to Wu-Tang [Clan].

"And then when I went to my second show, which was 50 Cent, I then I read the book, watched the movie, learned all the words. I went fully prepared. Massive 50 Cent fan."

Dua's family were based in Kosovo during her childhood, before they decided to relocate to London, and the chart-topping pop star admitted that very few of her musical inspirations visited the country in south-eastern Europe when she was a child.

She explained: "For me, it was like ... I wish, when I was living in Kosovo that I had the opportunity to see some of my favourite artists like Pink and Nelly Furtado ... no one really came to Kosovo."

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