A sleek sophisticated look may better promote your brand

A sleek sophisticated look may better promote your brand

Most industries are competitive, and as we know it only takes a few seconds to make a first impression.  Being successful is a combination of 3 key factors: knowledge, attitude and personal branding.  Your personal branding includes the way you dress and your behaviour.

It is through your personal branding that your work aptitude is defined. The first noticeable part of your personal branding is the clothes you choose to wear. If your look is frumpy, untidy and neglected, the assumption is that work aptitude will be the same.

Your clothes communicate on the success and aptitude of your brand to deliver its promises. Can you allow your image affect the success of your company? 

There are essential and simple changes you can make today to be perceived as the perfect business partner and attract more clients.

  • Dress for your business environment

Dress appropriately for your business environment. If you work in finance, this is a conventional environment. Therefore, you are expected to wear a suit not skinny jeans. However, if you work in fashion, this is an artistic environment so show your individuality and creativity.  What you choose to wear should always be appropriate and fitted to suit your body shape. Size matters. Wearing clothing that is too short, too tight or too big will only create the wrong impact. Your clothes should complement your business pitch and reassure your potential clients instead of distracting them.

  • Turn heads with your style

Most people choose to wear safe clothes choices in neutral colours, such as a white shirt with a black suit. These choices are safe and lack individuality. To stand out from the crowd, wear colours to communicate creativity and confidence. For a lady, the red dress is your winning piece. For the gentleman, a blue suit paired with a white shirt and red tie can clearly get you more noticed in a busy crowd. Choose colours that suit your complexion and correspond to the type of person you are. Blue conveys trust, knowledge & authority, while red conveys extroversion, courage & confidence. The simple rule to get noticed in a crowd and turn heads is to dress appropriately for your environment while choosing a unique style that corresponds to you.

  • Social media profile picture

Social media is an important part of business development nowadays.  Don’t neglect your profile picture. Your profile photo should be professional, friendly, flattering and portray your success, so smile! A good photo will have a positive impact on the credibility of your business. Avoid group pictures, funny pictures or illustration characters to represent yourself. In professional social media, such as LinkedIn, it is crucial to be taken seriously in your environment.

  • Grooming

Grooming is crucial as the little details matter are the most noticeable. Keep some mints in your pockets to ensure your breath is kept fresh.  Let your listener be captivated by your words instead of being distracted by minor grooming issues. Nails and hair must also be clean and well, and try and wear a subtle refreshing fragrance. 

  • Etiquette

Good manners shouldn’t be rare. A woman should always behave like a lady and a man like a gentleman. Simple gestures such as holding the door or letting a woman sit down first create a memorable impact and improve your likability. 

  • Cultural awareness

In the Middle East, most men don’t shake a woman’s hand. Consequently, a woman shouldn’t offer her hand either as this will be perceived as an offence. This is part of their culture.  If you work on an international platform, be aware of cultural differences and appropriately adapt to them.

These simple tips can make a huge difference on how people perceive your brand.  It can also boost both your confidence and brand no end.

About the writer:

Flavilla Fongang is the founder of 3 Colours Rule – a leading styling consultancy and training academy based in London but operating internationally. Flavilla is very skilled in what she does, and has worked with the likes of L.K Bennett, Suzuki, House of Frazer, and the NHS to name a few.  www.3coloursrule.com

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