Watch the video to see all the tips

Watch the video to see all the tips

As Britain gets set for a year of world class sport, businesses are being urged to take inspiration from our sporting heroes by encouraging competition, following a poll showing many embrace competition at work. 

The report, carried out by the National Business Awards in partnership with Orange, shows that the majority of workers agree that winning is important to them, with over two thirds believing healthy competition brings out the best in people and almost 40% acknowledging that they enjoy a competitive environment at work. Furthermore, over half of the workers canvassed also said they would like to feel part of a winning business and would be proud if their place of work was recognised by winning an external award.

The National Business Awards in partnership with Orange are the nation’s most prestigious business accolade and for more than ten years they have celebrated our brightest and most successful companies within a vast number of categories. And now businesses from around the UK are being called on to enter this year’s awards.

Watch our video where Mark Christophers, Founder of West Cornwall Pasty Company and former winner, shares his fail safe tip for SME business owners, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” While Virginia Bottomley, Chair of Judges, Caroline Jackson Levy, CEO of National Business Awards and Martin Stiven, Vice President of Business, Orange share their tips. From keeping up-to-date on how competitors are reaching out to their customers, to making sure you engage with the people within your business which actually drive plans home.  

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