With just one week to go until the UK are meant to be leaving the European Union, Theresa May has today arrived in Brussels to ask the EU for a short extension on the deadline.

Theresa May leaves Downing Street. Photo: PA

Theresa May leaves Downing Street. Photo: PA

After addressing the nation on TV last night, the public were yet again divided in more ways than one on the latest of the ever-unfolding, ever-complicating events of Brexit.

But the PM might want to pay some attention to the storm that’s brewing on the internet...

As well all know, there have been many calls for a second referendum and several anti-brexit marches and protests. But few have had such an impact than the petition which has gone viral today, calling for Article 50 to be revoked in order to remain in the EU.

By the time this article is published, it could well be that the petition has reached one million signatures.

Right now, it has over 960,000 and is going up in the thousands by the minute.

The site even suffered technical difficulties due to the enormous amount of traffic, crashing this morning. Despite this, the number of signatures is still quickly rising, at a rate which could easily make it a competitor for the UK petition with the most signatures ever. The petition currently holding that record is one that called for another referendum - which gained 4 million signatures.

Celebrities including Annie Lennox and Hugh Grant have also signed the petition, with Grant describing it as a ‘national emergency’.

With a ‘put it to the people’ march due to take place in London this weekend, this petition is likely acting as a last-ditch attempt for remainers all over the UK to have their voice heard.

The last ‘people’s vote’ march gathered approximately 700,000 people, and there will likely be even more turn up this weekend in what could be one of the largest displays of protest this century.

If you haven’t already done so and want to sign the petition, click here. We’ve linked it for you.

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