1) I was born into family of psychics and spiritualists so grow up thinking it was normal to consult astrology charts and talk to spirits of departed.

Theresa Cheung

Theresa Cheung

2) I have a Masters degree in Theology and English from Kings college Cambridge. Never thought I would go there as home educated and very poor family and only one of a handful of girls admitted into Theology department. Felt out of place among Etonians from my unconventional background but believe now I was sent there to give my spiritual message serious academic credentials.

3) I have struggled to see and hear heaven as not naturally psychic but have had incredible glimpses of the other side - which I share in my books.

4) I have sold close to three quarter of a million books.

5) The inspiration behind my Author Facebook page is brilliant book blogger Kim Nash who actually got in touch with me five years ago to share her afterlife story in my book Angel Babies. Two years ago she got in touch again and helped me overcome my allergy to social media and anything online. She is awesome.

6) The Institute of Noetic Sciences in The US has a team of seven leading scientists with chief scientist Dr Dean Radin and they are currently investigating the psychic works and afterlife communication and coming up with promising results that the scientific community simply can't ignore. I recently invited the science team to do some videos just for my readers on my page and the videos had close to half a million views. The Institute created a page specially for my readers - proudest moment of my life as a spiritual writer as my books always been anecdotal but now there is science to add to that. Http://Noetic.org/Theresa-Cheung

7) I have had two Sunday Times top 10 bestsellers with my spiritual books. Totally unexpected and heaven sent.

8) My readers mean the world to me and I try to reply personally to every one who submits an afterlife story. Over the years I have been honoured to receive thousands of letters and messages proving that there is great hunger for spiritual advice apart from religion.

9) I love both dogs and cats - I have two of each:)

10) In my teens I wanted to be a nun and spent time in a retreat to consider my options but eventually realised that devotion to one religion not my path as I think all religions profound and beautiful. My path is one of spirit separate from religion.