Books are, of course, one of the many ways we entertain ourselves, and this year (2021) has brought us some sensational books. From romances to thrillers, some books from 2021 have really blown us away; this is just some of the incredible stories to come out this year so far!

The Last Thing to Burn by Will Dean – 7th January

The Last Thing To Burn is available now!
The Last Thing To Burn is available now!

This book will no doubt leave you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The story of Jane, as her captor calls her, is one of sadness, pain, and determination.

Jane is in pain and has tried to escape from him so many times, but she will keep trying so she can protect those she loves.

Will Dean has crafted a tale with a refugee at its centre, who has such a beautiful personality and a stunning ability to push through all the horror thrown her way, so she can one day see her family again.

This is a deep and harrowing story of a bold woman, who won’t let her captivity hold her back.

The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse – 2nd February

The Sanatorium is available now!
The Sanatorium is available now!

Sarah Pearse’s debut novel follows Elin, who has been invited to her brother’s wedding deep in the snowy alps. After one night there, she realises that the harrowing feeling she gets from the sanatorium-turned-hotel isn’t just her anxiety talking...

Guests are disappearing, Elin can’t relax and, soon enough, bodies begin to show up.

The past makes no sense and the present is just as confusing, and Elin struggles to calm down long enough to dig deeper into the mystery.

Pearse has created such an eerie and unsettling atmosphere within this book, as the hotel has a very dark past that would lead anyone to question why a hotel was built there in the first place...

The Summer Job by Lizzy Dent – 15th April

The Summer Job is available now!
The Summer Job is available now!

Birdy has found the perfect summer job at a luxury hotel in Scotland; the problem is, that’s not her life.

Birdy’s friend Heather rejected a job, so the natural thing to do is take over and pretend you’re someone who knows all about fancy wine, and what food to eat with each classy drink, right?

Lizzy Dent’s account of Birdy is so hilarious and unique; Birdy makes mistakes and gets through work days by the skin of her teeth; it’s such a joy to read about how she makes her way through the unexpected summer.

The Therapist by B. A. Paris – 15th April

The Therapist is available now!
The Therapist is available now!

When Alice and her partner move to an exclusive and protected community called The Circle, she immediately feels uneasy due to the murder that occurred in her new home not that long ago...

Alice is a brilliant character; she’s inquisitive, polite, and stands up for herself at every turn. Paris has written a unique and charming thriller that has a very tense atmosphere, as both Alice’s neighbours and partner are hiding things they believe should stay in the past.

A clever and amazing story, The Therapist will leave you looking over your shoulder.

The End of Men by Christina Sweeney-Baird – 27th April

The End of Men is available now!
The End of Men is available now!

The End of Men is a stunning, melancholic, and heart-pounding story told through the eyes of (mostly) women, as the world of men comes to an end due to a deadly virus.

While a total coincidence, this book came out during the Coronavirus pandemic, which made the narrative that much harder to swallow. Women (who are immune to this disease) were losing their husband’s, sons, fathers and friends, and it made your heart drop waiting to hear back from a character whose son or husband isn’t feeling too well...

With a beautifully written and personal-feeling story, this novel is a phenomenal account of what it means to lose everything, and to keep those you love close to you.

The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec – 4th May

The Witch's Heart is available now!
The Witch's Heart is available now!

Genevieve Gornichec has rewritten Norse Mythology in the best way. She has taken the character of Angrboda the witch and has her embark on a journey full of surprises, new friends, and three peculiar children.

The Witch’s Heart is a phenomenal story that involves characters such as Loki, Skaldi, and the witch’s children: Jörmungandr, Hel, and Fenrir. It is a powerful and emotional story of a witch who just wants to make a life for her and her unusual children, away from the prying eye of Odin.

This book is a stunning reimagining of already amazing tales and characters, and Gornichec has managed to make Norse gods and mythology even more exciting.

What Planet Can I Blame This On? by Ellie Pilcher – 3rd June

What Planet Can I Blame This On? is available now!
What Planet Can I Blame This On? is available now!

This book is almost like a cross between the hilarious character of Bridget Jones and actress Miranda Hart, as the wonderfully funny journey of Krystal and her new interest in the stars poses challenges, losses, and the chance to change her life for (what she hopes is) the better.

When Krystal’s life couldn’t get any worse, she turns to horoscopes and similar things to find her way in the world. In doing so, a mixture of good and bad is thrown her way, and she begins to wonder if her new passion is helping her at all.

Pilcher has created a brilliant world of fun, as our main character gets into all sorts of messes that any one of us could get ourselves into. It is a laugh-a-minute gem.

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After Angrboda is cast out after being burned for the third time, her life changes in the most unimaginable way…

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