We all know that living in lockdown can be a little like living in a prison. You can’t go anywhere, waking up and going to sleep in the same environment day in day out. Or worse, cabin fever sets in and you feel like a caged animal who desperately needs to escape. But with flights cancelled and holidays banned (for the moment), there is actually nowhere to go but your home.

Sacred Revolution

Sacred Revolution

This of course gives you the perfect opportunity to turn your prison home into your palace. Your home is an extension of you, and it should reflect your version of luxury and abundance. A wise person once told me that your home should feel like a holiday and another said your home should reflect your unique beauty and how you would like to feel about yourself and your life. When we mix this all together, we get the perfect remedy to make your home into a wonderful sanctuary.

The best way to begin this process is to think about what luxury means to you. Do you like opulent statues and velvet cushions scattered everywhere? Or do you feel happier in a calm minimalist space? Maybe you feel like a queen when you surround yourself with flowers and beautiful art on the wall? Perhaps, beautiful scents, plants and crystals create your experience of utopia? Or you might like objects from different cultures … Moroccan rugs, Chinese lamps or French bedroom furniture?

Once you have thought about your perfect palace, jump on Pinterest and create a vision board with pictures of homes that reflect your preferences. This will inspire the many ways you can recreate your home. Next, ruthlessly go through your home and get rid of anything that does not uplift you. Maybe it’s the leopard print cushions you got in your early twenties, or the ugly painting that was given to you by an ex-partner, or old bedsheets with holes and stains on them. Everything that does not meet your new standard must go. This is a powerful process and can indirectly move draining relationships and situations out of your life, while giving your new space to welcome in new energy and new standards. Take this to the next level by giving your home a thorough clean and, as you do so, set the intention to clean away the old. On a physical level this is dirt, dust and grim but on a spiritual level this could be old feelings, negative thoughts and challenging situations.

Then sit in your new decluttered and clean home for a while. It’s good to take a reflective pause before you begin to create your palace. When you are ready, let your imagination run wild while being inspired by your Pinterest/vision board. What colours would you like to use? Can you move furniture around? Should you change the layout of the room? Use everything you have to create your sanctuary. Then, set yourself a budget and go shopping (online for the moment!) for the missing pieces. Make sure you don’t compromise and only buy pieces that you love and increase your sense of luxury.

The next magical phase occurs when your new items are delivered. Make sure you bless every item with an intention before you put it in place. You might like to bless your cushions to make you feel cosy or your new bedside lamb to bring sensuality. Maybe your new artwork brings inspiration or your new plants bring serenity.

When all is done, get dressed in your finest jewels and clothes, put on your favourite relaxing music and celebrate your new palace with a glass of Champagne. Finally, reflect or visualise upon the new upgraded version of your life – after all you live in a palace, so life should treat you like a queen.

Article by Vanya Silverten, female empowerment coach, energy healer, teacher and author of Sacred Revolution: A Woman’s Path To Love, Power & Sensual Enlightenment out now, available on Amazon

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