1. I am actually a scientist! I have a MSc degree in Neuroscience and work as a research assistant in a neuroscience research faculty in London. My research involves understanding the pathological and genetic mechanisms that govern Parkinson’s disease. This knowledge which will help to identify new treatment plans for patients suffering from this disease.

The Spiritual Scientist

The Spiritual Scientist

2. I have a diploma in animal healing and communication trained by the well-known animal healer; Elizabeth Whiter. The course gave me the experience and knowledge to give extensive sessions involving healing, relaxation for both the animal and the owner, nutritional advice and information to help the animal have a better life. I offer these sessions distantly and in person - Animal healing and communication session. I am currently writing my second book; The Spiritual Scientist – animal healer and communicator – bridging the gap between the human species and the animal kingdom. This will include my 12 case studies as well as general information on nutrition, behaviour and animal healing.

3. I live with my cats: Aphrodite and Adonis who are very naughty and I love them so much! All animals are wonderful and I have a deep love and compassion for all of them.

4. I enjoy teaching children about nature, animals, crystals, essential oils and mindfulness techniques. I have created Maria’s school of science, alchemy and magic for children and teenagers.

5. I really enjoy travelling and experiencing new cultures, religions and ways of life. I speak and understand 5 languages including: English, Greek (fluent), Spanish, French and Latin (basic). Places I have visited include: Australia, Hong Kong, Greece and Mexico. My father was from Greece and I have travelled to most of the Greek islands.

6. My latest interest is the study of astronomy, astrophysics and the universe to give me a greater understanding of the scientific concepts of the planets and the stars. I am currently studying a course at Greenwich observatory.

7. My book The Spiritual Scientist – bridging the gap between science and spirituality aims to educate individuals in understanding how science and spirituality is interconnected. It is like connecting left brain thinking (logic, science and mathematics) with right brain thinking (creativity, spirituality and intuition). I would like to give the reader the skills and knowledge to bring balance, peace and vibrant energy to their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

One final key thing I would like to leave you all -

‘energy cannot be made or destroyed only transformed and energy is everywhere and everything!’ Albert Einstein.

‘We are all one, we are all connected!’

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