I’m obsessed with comic books. Quite often my characters reflect attributes found in the Marvel and DC Universes, especially my villains. I like my characters to have complex backgrounds, and although Marvel nails it in the X-Men comics, in my opinion, DC does those best.

Wings of Fury

Wings of Fury

Play that funky music. I listen to music while writing. Usually it is something with a tempo that can fade into the back of my mind, yet also suits the mood of the scene I’m working on. I listen to a range of music. Whatever strikes my fancy at the time will do.

Kickass weapons are my specialty. I want to be as authentic as possible when writing weapons or warfare, which has led to some interesting research. I geek out over niche bladed weapons, and I try to suit a weapon to the wielder’s size, strength, and fighting ability.

Vision boards are a must. I’m always looking for fresh inspiration when writing a scene or character. Building a vision board helps me conceptualize the proper way to describe a place or person. The pictures help to immerse me in a world so I can better depict it to my readers.

Inventive swearing is fun. I rarely choose modern vulgarities, but they do often inform curse words in my fictional worlds. I personally swear quite a bit (not necessarily proud of that). Leaving cursing out of my stories would feel inauthentic. Instead of shying away from expletives, I embrace that part of life and make it my own.

Kissing scenes are uncomfortable. I don’t know why I blush when I draft them, but any sort of intimate scene embarrasses me. Battle scenes, however, are a blast to write. Kissing = no. Killing = yes. I’m sorta weird like that.

Non-fiction is my favorite to read. I’ve really gotten into researching my novels. I buy a million books on a topic and devour them all. Historical nonfiction has become a true joy in life, as I’m always eager to learn about the past. New information or a fresh spin on a topic could eventually become fodder for a story. I can always hope…

About Wings of Fury 

Althea’s world is ruled by Cronus, the God of Gods, whose inheritance is the world and women, his playthings. He takes mortal women as prizes and discards them when he’s through. No woman dares to defy him. 

 After her mother is taken from her and dies as a result of Cronus’s cruelty, Althea is determined not to suffer the same fate as so many women before her. To honor the dying wish of her mother, Althea promises to take care of her sisters no matter the cost.

 Following the vision that has been revealed to her by the Fates—that she will crush the Almighty and free the world from his terror—Althea travels to the southern isle of Crete, where women who seek refuge from Cronus live hidden among the exalted Boy God. The Boy God, Zeus, the only son of Cronus, is believed by most of the world to be dead. But he is very much alive and his destiny is tied with Althea, for the Fates foretold that he too will destroy his father. 

 As Althea and the Boy God train and gain support for their fated journey, Cronus learns of the rebellion and begins amassing his own army to quell any resistance. Cronus may be The Almighty, but Althea will not fail her mother, sisters, or the imprisoned women helpless against the cruel god. 

About Emily R. King 

Emily R. King is the author of the Hundredth Queen series, as well as Before the Broken StarInto the Hourglass, and Everafter Song in the Evermore Chronicles. Her latest novel, WINGS OF FURYwill be released March 1, 2021, the first in the Wings of Fury duology. The second book, Crown of Cinders, will be released October 5, 2021.

Born in Canada and raised in the United States, she is a shark advocate, a consumer of gummy bears, and an islander at heart, but her greatest interests are her children and three cantankerous cats.  For more information, visit her at www.emilyrking.com.

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