1. I’m addicted to chocolate. Yes – properly addicted

Suzy Quinn Author of Bad Mothers Virus

Suzy Quinn Author of Bad Mothers Virus

My name is Suzy and I am a chocaholic. I have two or three mega-strong 70% hot chocolate drinks every day, plus a chocolate bars and biscuits. If I don’t have hot chocolate every day now, I get withdrawal headaches! Bad, isn’t it? But on the positive side, I have stopped drinking alcohol. So, in the scheme of things, chocolate isn’t so bad. Probably.

2. I wrote The Bad Mother’s Virus during lockdown

When lockdown happened, I really wanted to do something positive. My Dad had advanced respiratory distress from swine flu a few years back, so I wanted to write something funny and uplifting to help people through bad times. I wrote The Bad Mother’s Virus within two months, working 7 days a week with 4am starts. AND the kids were at home. Yes. I am an idiot. But I’m really glad I finished it.

3 My readers are like a big, extended family

I LOVE everyone who reads my books. LOVE! Hitting the bestseller charts is nice, selling lots of books is nice, but my favourite thing is connecting with real readers and hearing how the Bad Mother series made them laugh uncontrollably. I feel so lucky to have all you wonderful people reading. It’s amazing.

4. My books always have a feel-good ending – even the scary ones

I write psychological thrillers as well as comedy, but there’s no way I’d ever end a story on a low note. No way! There are enough low notes in the world, so I always write a happy, feel-good ending no matter what kind of book I’m writing. 

5. I originally wrote The Bad Mother’s Diary as a magazine article

When I first wrote The Bad Mother’s Diary, it was only supposed to be a funny little magazine article. But I just couldn’t stop writing. Juliette’s awful partner, Nick, appeared and I had to see what would happen with him. Would Juliette stay with the father of her child? Would the wedding go ahead? I had to know!

6. I struggled with motherhood at first

I’d never even held a baby before I became a parent, but I stupidly thought I’d take to it naturally. I didn’t! I obsessively planned before Lexi came along, getting the room ready, pinning up a baby schedule (ha!) and assuring myself that labour would be fine (double ha!). I expected hard work, but I didn’t expect to age twenty years overnight or leave so much of my old life behind. Ah, the joys of motherhood. But I love it now.

7. The Bad Mother’s Virus is my twentieth book

Yes. I’ve written twenty books. I can’t quite believe it. I’ll be writing The Bad Mother’s Wedding this year, and a children’s book and probably something else too. Stories are so much fun.


There is no escaping reality when #ParentingInAPandemic, but The Bad Mother’s Virus is the relatable read all parents need to help them find the funny side – after all...laughter is good for the immune system!

Single mother Juliette Duffy is finally about to get her happily ever after and marry the man of her dreams. . . until the coronavirus crisis sends her world into chaos. Self-isolating with her nightmare ex and their three-year-old, while her fiancé is stuck in Italy, Juliette’s situation is far from perfect – but whose is right now?

Join Juliette as she hilariously muddles through the challenges many parents are facing; from hunting down a coveted pack of toilet roll, to mastering home-schooling, or trying to stop her daughter from licking car door handles!

The Bad Mother’s Virus by Suzy K Quinn is available now in eBook and Paperback on Amazon. 100% of the profits are being donated to coronavirus vaccine and healthcare funds.  

The Bad Mother's Virushttps://amzn.to/30JfcZx

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