A mother called in a priest after capturing a spooky figure on camera outside her home.



Maxine Hughes was horrified to find footage of a "weird" shadow on her CCTV camera and noted that there were multiple "unexplained sightings" of the shadow around her home in Glasgow.

Hughes told the Daily Record newspaper: "My partner was up during the night and saw it on the camera. It's all happened over the last week and a half. It's so weird.

"We even had a priest out the other day to bless the house.

"I sent it to my sister and asked what it was because she is into spooky stuff."

Hughes' neighbour Debbie Meiklejohn says the video has "freaked out" the entire street.

She said: "This second video has totally freaked the whole street out and it’s in full form now.

"It appears then disappears on the right side but in a shape of horse and human legs."