A social media user that got frustrated by their neighbours having sex stuck an angry note and a USB stick containing sounds of the pair's lovemaking antics to their door.

Memory Stick

Memory Stick

The unnamed individual took to the website Reddit to explain their issue with the couple's bedroom noises.

The angry resident wrote: "My condo 'neighbours' like to have some loud sex.

"After letting them know previously, they haven't stopped so I left them a nice note on their door for everyone to see.

"Petty at its finest."

The user explained that they went to the lengths of recording the sounds in case the neighbours challenged the claims.

The note reads: "In conclusion, I would like to kindly ask you to please monitor the volume of your moaning and sexual noises. Whether it's with another person or with yourself. No judgement on my end.

"In the instance, you think this is horse s*** and need some proof, I have recorded how loud you are and placed it on the attached flash drive for you to listen to yourself and make your own opinions."