Police raided a birthday party after observers confused cardboard cut-outs for actual guests.



Tycoon Steve Varsano organised a virtual bash at his London offices to celebrate his girlfriend Lisa Tchenguiz's birthday with dozens of friends joining in the fun over the video conferencing app.

Varsano also added cardboard cut-outs to add more life to the party but this led to a brush with the law when passers-by confused the cut-outs for real people and the couple were accused of breaking coronavirus rules.

Discussing the incident, Varsano said: "There were about ten officers. They went to all the rooms in my offices like I was some criminal.

"Someone must have called and I said I was having a party because they saw trucks delivering lights and balloons and images.

"They quickly understood that it was not attended in real life but by 70 cardboard cut-outs and Zoom people. I had an operator for lights and he was behind a glass, had a mask and was doing social distancing."