bin Laden was stopped for speeding

bin Laden was stopped for speeding

Osama bin Laden was once stopped for speeding when he was on the run, according to a new report.

The al Qaeda founder - who masterminded the disastrous 9/11 terror attacks in the US in 2001- was travelling with two aides in Pakistan when their vehicle was pulled over by a policeman for speeding while he was living in the area of Swat Valley between 2002 and 2003.

The matter was reportedly ''quickly settled'' and bin Laden - who was eventually killed by US Navy Seals eight or nine years later in 2011 - went on his way.

This remarkable revelation comes courtesy of Pakistan's official investigation, which has been obtained by Al Jazeera, into how bin Laden managed to live undetected in the country for almost a decade.

It is not known whether the policeman who stopped the car simply failed to spot bin Laden or if he was paid off.

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