NASA have accidentally sold a bag used to carry moon samples.

NASA sells artefact

NASA sells artefact

The space agency let their Apollo 11 artefact sell for under $1,000 but have now realised they made a mistake and are reportedly embroiled in a legal battle to get the carrier bag, which was worn by Neil Armstrong and used to collect samples of the planet in 1969, back to its rightful owners.

Speaking about the error, which has been reported on Sky News, NASA said: ''[It is a] rare artifact, if not a national treasure''.

Nancy Carlson purchased the accessory, which still has remnants of the lunar system lodged inside the seams for approximately £700, but sent the bag back for authentication, which made staff aware of their mistake.

NASA have decided to keep hold of their item and are currently in the process of reclaiming legal possession of the bag, although Nancy wants the bag back.