A mother rushed her son to the doctors after pulling a 'worm' out of his ear - only to later discover that it was tape.

A worm

A worm

Gemma Tyson recalled how she "felt sick" when she pulled the 'brain-worm' from her son Ashton's ear and her concerns were heightened after a Google search suggested that it could have been 'eating his brain'.

However, once the pair had returned home from hospital, Ashton confessed that he had stuffed a piece of tape inside his ear a week prior.

Tyson said: "Ashton's always got something hurting, so he said about his itchy ear and when I first looked I thought it was a big chunk of wax.

"When I pulled it with the long tweezers it just kept coming and coming.

"I thought he had brain worms and the longer we sat there the more his brain was getting eaten."

She continued: "When we got home he said, 'I wonder if it could be the tape', so I just said, 'What?' He said he'd put some tape in and couldn't get it out, so it might be that. I was so embarrassed."