A mother and daughter claim that a ghost has been terrorising their home for months.



Leah Lewis is convinced that an evil spirit is the cause of an "unexplainable" 15-centimetre scratch on her bum cheek and also suggested that her mother Colette was "physically pinned to her bed" by the mysterious spectre.

Lewis, from Burton-upon-Trent, told The Sun newspaper: "My mum had an experience where she was in bed and suddenly she heard heavy breathing in her ear.

"She tried to shout for me but she couldn’t move and couldn’t speak and she thinks that lasted a couple of minutes."

Lewis is convinced that the ghost left her with a scratch after she fought back against the spooky spirit.

She said: "I think I angered him when I told him to leave as when I got out of the shower I noticed a mark like I had been grabbed or was really badly scratched on my bum.

"I couldn’t have bumped into anything as I would have remembered – I got undressed and went into the shower and when I got out I saw it there."