A married couple broke a world record for the fastest time to pull an aeroplane.



Sue Thomas-Franklin and Sam Taylor smashed the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to pull an aircraft by two women last Sunday (28.02.21) in Wales.

Thomas-Franklin and Taylor pulled an Airbus A320 aircraft over 65 feet in a time of 37.63 seconds.

The pair have previously claimed a number of accomplishments for their strength, with Taylor placing second in Europe's Strongest Woman competition in 2019, and say they were recruited by Guinness to break the record in celebration of St David's Day (01.03.21).

Taylor told Barry & District News: "It was so weird, because two years ago while on holiday in Dubai, I had a thought that I'd like to try and break a record as the first Welsh woman to pull a plane.

"The idea had fallen by the wayside a bit, until we got that call from Guinness World Records."