A mansion belonging to the world's richest dog has gone on sale for $32 million.

A dog

A dog

Gunther VI is a wealthy pooch after inheriting $500 million from his grandfather Gunther IV and the German Shepherd's Miami estate - that was owned by pop star Madonna - is up for sale.

The strange tale goes back to the German countess Karlotta Liebenstein, who died in 1992 and left her fortune to her canine Gunther III.

The money has since passed from dog to dog and has been managed by a group of handlers, who have helped maintain and grow the property portfolio.

The Tuscan-style villa is currently listed with Ruthie and Ethan Assouline and the former couldn't believe it when she was told that the owner was a dog.

Speaking to Forbes, she said: "We have sold countless multi-million dollar homes, but this is definitely a first.

"When the handlers initially told me a dog owned the property, I didn't believe it. The property has a history that no one else can claim."