A man sent a list of 15 ''horrible'' tips to his Tinder date.

Tinder tips

Tinder tips

The 24-year-old shop assistant, named Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford, has revealed that she received a list of ways she could improve herself from a mystery man she met on the online dating app.

Following the meeting, the message read: ''Hello Kimberley, I know we went on a date quite a while ago now but I'd like to explain why I haven't messaged you. I feel like you could have made the date much better, here's a few reasons why. I apologise if I offend you.

''If you lost some weight you would look incredible. Maybe a stone or so. You are very pale. I know you aren't a fan of the sun but a bit of fake tan wouldn't hurt.You have quite big boobs so you should show off your cleavage more.''

Speaking to LADbible, Kimberley explained that her date was ''a snob and just generally a horrible person''.