A man has gifted his girlfriend an engagement ring made from her breast milk.

Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring

The female Facebook user proudly informed her followers that she had received a "special" piece of jewellery from her partner, with the jewel centre made from her very own breast milk.

She wrote: "My boyfriend got me this cute ring for Christmas and I finally got it today.

"It's made from my breast milk and so so special."

The breast milk ring was soon posted onto a ring shaming group and Facebook users were scathing in their takes on the unique piece of jewellery.

One user posted: "I have a taxidermist on stand-by to clean my pet's skulls so I can keep them on the mantle after they pass away and even I think this ring is weird."

Another added: "It's.....it's just milk...I don't get the hype. Might as well make a ring out of mashed potatoes since we're honouring sustenance? "