A man was stunned to find a pork scratching that resembled Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Matthew Smith bought a packet of the salty snack whilst having a drink with friends in Middlesbrough when he noticed that one scratching resembled the US President.

He said: "It's definitely the hair that makes it.

"I was enjoying a packet of pork scratchings washed down with a stout or two at my local pub with a couple of mates.

"I noticed that one of the porcine snacks bore a quite uncanny resemblance to a certain Donald J Trump - much to the amusement of myself and my drinking companions."

Smith revealed that he couldn't bear to eat the Trump-like scratching.

The 40-year-old said: "It was unanimously decided that the pork scratching should not be eaten and should be preserved for as long as possible."