A man is convinced he has led a past life after spotting his doppelganger in a 1905 photograph.

Victorian outfit

Victorian outfit

Michael Koropisz has an obsession with the 19th century and claimed that he was ''gobsmacked'' after noticing a man who bears a striking resemblance to himself in the 115-year-old picture.

Explaining how he first saw the photo, Michael said: ''I was sent the photo on Instagram as someone thought it was me. They'd seen it on a website for collars.

''I was gobsmacked when I realised it wasn't me, we have the same hair, face shape, nose and dress sense. When I reverse image searched it online, I knew it wasn't fake and was in fact taken 115 years ago.''

He added: ''I've always been obsessed with the 19th century era and have dedicated my wardrobe and lifestyle to it and now maybe that's because of my past life.''