The internet was left in hysterics over a picture of an erotic-looking wedding cake.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

A photo of what was meant to be a gothic ‘spider web’ design wedding cake caused much amusement on the website Reddit – as many users thought it resembled something totally inappropriate.

An image showed a white cake covered with stringy icing that had been made to look like a web, although some users couldn't help but point out that it looked explicit.

One person wrote: “You sure that’s supposed to be a spider web? I can think of a few things It can also be.”

Whilst another commented: “That looks like… something else.”

Cleaner-minded users suggested alternatives for what the cake resembled, such as a "piece of gum".

One user said: "It looks like a giant piece of gum got stuck and they tried to get it off but then gave up."