Dogs may benefit from less frequent feeding, a new study has found.

A dog

A dog

Experts have revealed that canines that are only fed once per day are less likely to develop age-related conditions such as orthopaedic and liver disorders.

The team from the University of Arizona analysed data on more than 24,000 dogs for links between feeding rates and cognitive function and health outcomes.

The experts believe that pooches benefit from less regular feeding because of their hunting origins from their wolf ancestors but did warn that further studies are required to validate the findings.

Dog cognition expert Emily Bray said: "Companion dogs provide a potentially powerful animal model in which to better understand the relationship between diet and age-related health outcomes.

"Once-daily feeding in dogs serves as a natural model for the intermittent fasting/time-restricted feeding protocols currently being studied both in preclinical rodent models and in human trials."