A couple landed up in A&E after they re-enacted the iconic 'Dirty Dancing' lift.

Couple re-enact Dirty Dance lift (c) Twitter

Couple re-enact Dirty Dance lift (c) Twitter

Sharon and Andy Price were left unconscious when they smashed heads after they attempted to rehearse their wedding dance whilst in a pub beer garden.

Speaking about the blunder, Sharon said: ''I love the film. I love Patrick Swayze. I thought I can do that.''

However, they failed to perfect the lift and Andy, 51, and Sharon, 52, were rushed to a nearby hospital after their relatives realised they were in a bad way.

Despite the mishap the soon-to-be married couple attempted the routine a second time on ITV's 'This Morning' on Friday (14.07.17).

However, this time the duo drafted in some extra helpers for the routine - performed in the 1980's film by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey - after their disastrous first attempt went viral.

The second attempt was a success and the pair were presented with two tickets to see the 'Dirty Dancing' musical in Torquay as a result of their efforts.

But the pair who will marry next October, said they will be sticking to a slow routine for their first dance.

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