A couple have been reunited with their ultrasound photos, two years after they left them in a leased car.



Elyse Peterson Deerfield and her husband initially thought post she had received from a Toyota dealership was junk, but when she took a closer look, she found ultrasound images of their daughter and a note from the branch's manager Michael Townsend.

He wrote: "Mr and Mrs. Peterson, I believe the enclosed imaging is very significant to you. It may have come from a vehicle returned. It's from some time ago."

Townsend revealed that he sent out the photos as he knew it was "gonna be everything" for the family.

He told WGN-TV: "To everybody else, it probably wouldn't matter that much but to this family it was gonna be everything. I was praying it would be them and sent it out and the rest is history.

"It just really instilled hope and goodness to realise people will go the extra mile to return something this meaningful."