A bride-to-be walked down the aisle with her daughter strapped to her back.



The 22-year-old woman, named Dalton Mort, included her two-year-old daughter Ellora in her wedding to her husband Jimmy by wearing the little girl wrapped on her back as a special addition to her flawless attire.

Speaking to Inside Edition, Mort said: ''I chose to wear my daughter, because I knew it would keep her calm on a very hectic day. Wearing her also allowed me incorporate her in the ceremony in a way that was normal for both of us.''

The couple's photographer Laura Schaefer also revealed that the beautiful bride had her guests in complete ''awe''.

Schaefer told PEOPLE: ''When Dalton appeared from behind the doors and began walking down the aisle with Ellie, you could just tell the guests were in awe.

''Everyone was smiling and you could hear quiet murmurs of 'so beautiful' and 'oh look at Ellie.' Everyone loved it! Ellie looked absolutely adorable and Dalton looked like a stunning bride and mother.''