An Australian gardener has set a new record for the southern hemisphere's heaviest pumpkin.



Dale Oliver entered the giant vegetable into the Summerland Pumpkin Competition in New South Wales where it weighed in at a mammoth 1,911 pounds.

Oliver's pumpkin beat his own previous Australian record of 1,638 pounds.

Competition organisers confirmed that Oliver's latest effort is a new record for New South Wales, Australia and the entire southern hemisphere.

The gardener believes that his pumpkin could have been even bigger had its growth not been slowed by heat waves.

Oliver told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: "The weather's your biggest battle here. When we get them hot spells they stop growing, and it'll send them into maturity."

"We got that hot spell in November and it really slowed this, but it picked up again.

"It's a shame we got the heat. It may have done better."